Folks in Sunlight

A great day is like a carefully constructed painting. With Muna as your office assistant, your morning starts with a palette of fresh-brewed coffee notes and ready-to-display meeting rooms. Lunchtime is a finely curated vernissage, carefully brought to order with a clean cloth and brush. No need to think about mailboxes, milk cartons, or beer crates; Muna paints away your ad hoc to-do list, as you return to your masterpiece of a happy workday.

Office assistant

Our office assistant is your guarantee of better workdays, less hassle, and more smiles. - - Lunch set-up and cleaning - Coffee station management - Mailbox sorting and handling - Sparkling meeting rooms - Supply ordering - Ad hoc tasks (and if anything else, we sure can help with that too!). Muna, Arif, and Feven are flexible in terms of days and hours, as long as a daily shift is a minimum of four hours or a weekly total of twenty.

Breakfast & Juice 

breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We prefer a little help from our friends at Democratic/Cadence and GRO juice, and won’t let you out on such a great way to start the day. Mix and match as you please. - Morning buns - Cinnamon rolls - Orange Juice - Apple Juice, we don't judge:) 

Coffee & Tea 

Coffee isn’t just coffee. Coffee is a nuanced note, a tasteful conversation piece, and an essential element in any good workday. Together with our friends at Impact Roasters, we deliver the best brew in town. Take a spin through our aromatic selection; there’s a note for any kind of coffee- tune. If needed, we can even set up your new sustainable, damn good coffee machine to minimize the waste while maximizing the taste.

Fruits & Snacks 

We work with our friends from Aarstiderne to offer you the finest fruits & snacks. Always organic, fresh, and in season, ready to eat, just the way they are supposed to be. You snacky folks can choose from 3 - 10 kg organic fruits boxes, which we deliver to your fruit station. Ready to eat apples, oranges, peaches, etc. Go bananas with our organic bananas. Mix and match nuts to satisfy any nutty craving, from cashews to almonds, figs, and raisins (just ask, we're sure we have your craving too!).


Your daily break shouldn’t be a boo. With our friends at 506, we’ll make sure your lunch is fresh and fabulous. Ingredients carefully chosen and cooked. No need to exclude, much to include: - One main dish - One heavy salad - One light salad - Cold cut of the day - Rye bread -Sourdough bread from in-house bakery. And we got a version for both meat-eating, vegan, and vegetarian folks.


A green office is a better office. You don't have to take our word for it (or that of our friends at Greenify): it’s scientifically proven that plants make us happier and less stressed. Oh, and not to forget, it looks plantastic! If you are already on the green leaf, let us make sure you stay there. We’ll come by and give your green friends the attention and love they deserve. Not yet green? Let’s talk about how we can greenify your office to meet your needs.

Folks in Moonlight

As you rest for a new day or week to come, Arif is up and on the go. With a banging beat in his headphones, he is making your entire office spotless and work-ready. Post-its, pens, and papers are supplied in playback, and even your stairs and elevator are part of Arif’s melody. Sweep, swop, wipe, wash, trash, dash. Don't worry, you can sleep like a baby. We’ve got your office tune.


As within as without, Arif, Teto, and Sumon are just a few of our folks who will make your office shine like a diamond. And don’t worry, whether your folks are tiny, tidy, or mega messy, the price is calculated based on the tasks. Your Monday to Thursday sweep and swab. No hassle, lots of dazzles. Imagine spring cleaning, but every Saturday. We’ll swipe, wipe, mop, and clean any surface, floor, or panel we see. 


Do you also have ten thumbs, or maybe ten things on your to-do list? Our handy-hands from “Cph At Work” can come in handy with anything from assembling furniture, moving a wall, or fixing your electronics and sinks. Dripping water? New art? Lights out? Just give us a call; we are on the way. Need handy-hands regularly? Let’s make a plan for what and how often that makes sense to you. 


Supplies are like sound design. When it’s done wrong, it’s incredibly annoying. When done right, you won’t even notice. We are aiming for the latter. We can supply your restroom (so it will feel like a rest-room), your kitchen (so every lunch is served hassle-free), and your ‘other stuff’ (just because they fall out of the category, it doesn’t mean they should fall out of reach).

Dishcloth & Doormat

“To treat someone like a doormat” just got a new meaning. Our doormats and dishcloths get such a spa treatment that even your foot soles will be jealous. No one wants to do the laundry? We do! Let us take care of your washable items; we’ll bring them straight home after.

Window cleaning

Take a moment to daydream while looking out. Our friends at Spejlblank will make sure you always have a clear lookout. Are you also one of those “today is the day” kind of folks? No problem: just give us a call, we’ll be right there. If you prefer to never think about window cleaning, let’s make a plan for where, when, and how often. 

Sofa & Carpet cleaning

Don’t cry over spilt milk, red wine, or coffee. We’ve partnered with Renseriet for the best sofa and carpet cleaning in the country. Whoops! Small accidents or spring cleaning, just give us a call; we’ll come right by. Busy floors and often-occupied sofas? Let’s make a schedule for your furniture and carpet spa treatments.  

Folks & Friends

We decided to let our friends help out with what they do better than us. Let us introduce you!


Green and leafy friends make your life less stressful while being more mindful. This is why we went with the best in business, Greenify.


506 makes food that fuels all life on Earth. They are on a mission to create new and sustainable eating habits, and we couldn’t be prouder to join forces.

Impact Roasters

Diversity in coffee is as diverse as folks. Which is something Impact Roasters have specialized in. Ethical coffee brought to you, locally roasted in Valby.


Specialized and amazing tasting coffee shouldn’t be for the few. Democratic Coffee is on a mission to bring better coffee for better folks, every day.

GRO Juice

No hidden ingredients or agendas, 100% organic and 100% biodegradable. Pure juice and pure obsession with what can make you feel better with what can taste better.


Spejlblanks’ mission is as crystal clear as their windows: everyone should be happy with their service, and the wait should be none. We like that way of thinking.