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Mohammad Ariful Alam
Student Assistant

What are they saying?


Shape says:
A partnership with dedicated people is worth every penny

The best thing about Folks is the people. It doesn't feel like we have hired an external service company, but more as we have just expanded our team of 'shapers'. Folks are more expensive than any other we've had, but I see these guys are more serious about their work, and we feel a partnership rather than 'a cleaning company', as they do things according to our motto "DO RIGHT". That's worth every penny.

Lia Barfod
Financial Manager
Shape A/S


SOHO says:
A bunch of proactive and easy going people

I prefer to have a 'set and forget' kind of deal with external partners but with these guys it’s becoming more like 'set & build' kinda partnership. They take complete ownership over the tasks, and are easy going and very responsive to urgent requests. Best of it all; the energy level doesn’t go down over time. Now, we are putting more and more responsibility on Folks. When we run +10000 m2 space with almost 500 members. it is vital having a partner with a can-do attitude.

Morten Anker Kjær-Holm


The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Merkur Cooperative Bank

Too Good To Good


House of Finn Juhl

Empirical Spirits


Sidecar says:
Just like a healthy relation — it gets better and better

Being a neighborhood place, we cherish a friendly vibe friendly and was looking to partner with someone with a similar company cultures. Folks have been one of the most reliable partners for us since we opened. They started with providing us with cleaning, and now we are also getting our supplies from them. Like a healthy relation it gets better and better, and our relationship is build on mutual trust, understanding, and a mindset of taking care of people.

Nikolaj Hansen
Sidecar & Pico


PFA Ejendomme says:
Freedom to do what we suppose to

We needed help to take care of the people at our new office on a very flexible term and that’s where Folks come into the picture. They have been very reliable, flexible and helpful for every ask. They provided us with a secure  freedom for me to do what I am suppose to. And most surprisingly, they could comply with our CODE OF CONDUCT being such a young company. Never experienced any sloppiness in regards to the administration or the people they send out.

Thea Rossen
Project Manager 
PFA Ejendomme


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