Break the invisible wall

Our stories are different, but we all walk
the same planet.

Riad Arefin

Appreciating people

Do you know your cleaning crew, your office botanist, or your daily lunch delivery guy? Great if you do. Otherwise, we believe you should. We work quiet jobs and irregular hours to no applause. Often we go by unnoticed. You are one of the reasons we have a job, and we are the reason you are presentable throughout the day. Let’s appreciate each other's efforts. Let’s hear each other's unique story. 

Who are folks?

Colorful individuals with error, emotion, personality, beliefs, culture, doing our best.

We love living on this planet so we are a bit extra soft-hearted to it. 

We bring our morale to work and want to leave work happy, and that’s non-negotiable. 

We are not for everyone and that’s ok. Everything is going to be alright. 

Take control


All your daily, weekly and extraordinary needs are neatly organized in a plan in the calendar. There’s a clear cost overview and all communication is conveniently placed in a single thread. No frills.

We give you the tools to see the footprint of your company’s plan on the environment. You get the means to combat your plan’s CO₂-emission, with scientifically documented measures available to you.  No uncertainty.

Make confident decisions based on our data. We do not supply shortcuts like carbon credit swaps, instead we give you an integrated way to improve the workspace and the well being of your people and keep your company’s plan an environmental lightweight. No compromises.  


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