Celebrating our differences. 


Today I’m Riad the founder - but once I was the “cleaning guy”. It made me leave work feeling lost, disconnected, and unmotivated.

Folks who bring lunch, clean, water plants, work quiet jobs and irregular hours to no applause are like you and me. Everyday people with emotions, personality, and culture. Despite different titles, stories, and preferences in music, at the end of the workday, we are all folks who want to go home with a smile.

FOLKS is a pursuit towards mutual appreciation between folks of all kinds.

Riad Arefin.


How we work?

We work for the butterflies.

We are FOLKS. An independent, self-funded company built on a bit more than just a vision. You see, we are on a mission. Mutual appreciation, human care, and a happy work life are what makes our butterflies tickle. 


We commit to everyone involved in our business. Including Mother Earth. We told her about our organic fruit box, reusable coffee containers, locally farmed lunches at work, recycled toilet paper, bicycle delivery, and so on. She giggled and said that she appreciates our humble contribution.

Bisrat Amanuel Tewelde.

Student Assistant

We are a company that answers to its customers, and employees. For full transparency, here’s how we split our hourly earning of 225kr for the office assistant service.

Folks basic salary starts at 145kr/hour and we pay a 4% pension contribution.


Folks salary, holiday pay, pension, & Samlet Betaling. 

31 kr

Customer care, training, sick pay, insurances & admin.


Expected profit

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Better Folks ApS
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